Who We Are

Drywall Master makes tools that outlast at prices contractors can afford.

We don’t believe in planned obsolescence and we don’t believe contractors should have to rent their gear. We want you to own our tools – and we’re confident that once you do, you’ll come back for more. Not only that, but our parts are virtually 100% interchangeable with other major brands. Whether you lease-to-own or purchase outright, our approachable prices and long-lasting tools will put you in charge of your business in ways you’ve never been before.

Company History

Drywall Master was founded by Larry D’Souza, a longtime veteran of the automatic taping and finishing industry. Before DMT, Larry and his partners had already defined the industry by starting one of the first companies to sell a complete set of automatic taping tools. Between 1980 and 1987, that business grew from a small company to an international presence, with dealers on four continents representing most of the industrialized world. One of our main design engineers, Robert "Johnny" Payne, was also a longtime veteran of Ames Taping Tools who worked directly with Stan and Bob Ames to develop some of the very first Taping Tools.