Loading Pump

Loading Pumps further increase the efficiency and profitability of our automatic tools by allowing you to quickly and cleanly refill them. The loading pump nearly eliminates downtime to load your tools and to clean up spilled mud at the end of the day. Hang the tube into a bucket of mud, place the leg on the ground, prime the pump by pumping the handle several times, and you’re ready to fill your tool. Available with Gooseneck attachment or Box Filler Adaptor, ensuring that you can use the pump with all your automatic taping tools.


  • The fiberglass material of the handle keeps the handle from getting too hot or too cold during extreme weather.
  • Premature failure should never be a concern. For this reason, Drywall Master builds their pumps using the best parts and materials.
  • The Piston Shaft is precision ground to reduce the likelihood of leaking and increase the lifespan of the pump.
  • [Optional] Double O-Ring further prevents leaks and freezing up.
  • Instead of plastic the shaft of the pump is made from brass.


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Loading Pump
Pump Filler Adapter
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