Two variants come with plastic wheels in either a Standard or Bullnose variant. The other 2 are with a stainless steel roller with Delrin internal bushings, also available as a Standard or Bullnose variant.

All 4 rollers come with a stainless steel frame and hardware for greater durability. All of our outside corner rollers are easily serviceable in the field and kits for common wear parts are available.

Our corner rollers come with an adapter that attaches to any standard corner roller pole. Handles sold separately.

  • Stainless steel main body for increased durability.
  • Stainless steel wheels with delrin insert for increased durability and wear resistance.
  • Wheels are designed for accurate alignment with 90 degree outside corner bead.
  • Fast, accurate installations 
  • User replaceable wheels for easy maintenance.
  • Fits standard corner roller handles (sold separately)
  • Available with plastic wheels (92DM-OR)

Product Numbers & Resources

Outside Bead Corner Roller 91DM-OR
Bullnose Corner Roller 91DM-BR
Outside Bead Corner Roller 92DM-OR
Bullnose Corner Roller 92DM-BR