Combining our 40+ years of experience in the pursuit of crafting the finest automatic taper withthe benefits of Carbon Fiber. The featherweight design may be light in weight, but it’s strong! You can count on the Commander to keep coming back for more, round after round. Work in cold weather? You will find the Commander Carbon Fiber Automatic Taper tube a welcome treat for your hands over the traditional aluminum taper.

Durable & Light-Weight Construction
Our patented cover plate design is removable without the hassle of dealing with any screws or frames hindering access for simplified cleaning and routine maintenance. Most revolutionary feature in Automatic Tapers over last 40 years.

Simplified Cleaning & Easy Maintenance
2-piece Control Tube Pull Ring allows the taper to reach higher ceilings. The pull ring can be removed or replaced by the user with 4 screws.

Smoothest Running Taper & Soft Cutting Action
The adjustable Brake Roller modifies tension and makes sure the taper is always running smoothly.

Soft cutting action with the least amount of drag.

Complete User Control for Less Fatigue and Improved Grip
The contoured rubber cover on trigger prevents blistered fingers.

Knurled control tube improves grip under wet and slippery conditions.

No Tape Spool Back Spin
Patented adjustment mechanism prevents back spin of tape spool during use of your Automatic Taper.

Built to Last with Aircraft Quality Stainless Steel
Opt for a carbon fiber control tube for the lightest option in automatic tapers. The carbon fiber design also prevents denting.

Reach Higher Heights

Stainless Steel Side Plates for increased strength.
Control arm stabilizer makes sure the control arm stays in place at all times.

Mini Variant Available

Product Numbers & Resources

Carbon Fiber Automatic Taper 01DMCFT
Carbon Fiber Automatic Mini Taper 11MINICFT


The pump and gooseneck are required in order to use this product.