King Automatic Taper is a high-quality automatic taping gun that consistently and accurately applies the right amount of tape and mud to butt joints, ceiling joints, and corner joints. It minimizes wasted time and materials, ensuring an even, appropriate amount of mud regardless of the user’s skill and speed. Meanwhile, taping professionals will see increased speed and profitability.

Simplified Cleaning & Easy Maintenance
Patented cover plates remove without the hassle of dealing with any screws to simplify cleaning and routine maintenance. Most revolutionary feature in Automatic Tapers over last 40 years.

Highest level of interchangeability with other major brands for easy access to parts.

Internal Push Rod Assembly is made of stainless steel so it won’t strip over time.

Smoothest Running Taper & Soft Cutting Action
The least amount of drag on the control tube of any brand results in soft cutting action.

Featuring an Adjustable Brake Roller to modify tension and make sure the taper is always running smooth.

A Control Arm Stabilizer makes sure that Control Arm stays in place at all times.

Extended Reach
2-piece Control Tube Pull Ring allows the taper to reach higher ceilings. The pull ring can be removed or replaced by the user with 4 screws.

Complete User Control for Less Fatigue and Improved Grip
Knurled Control Tube to improve grip under wet and slippery conditions.

Contoured rubber cover on trigger to prevent blistered fingers.

Grip tape on Drive Dog Assembly to prevent finders from slipping.

No Tape Spool Back Spin
Patented attached tape spool keeper with adjustment mechanism to prevent back spin of tape spool during use.

Built to Last with Aircraft Quality Stainless Steel
It’s black for a reason the tube is hard coat anodized to withstand abrasive mud compound, increasing the longevity of your taper.

Stainless Steel Side Plates for increased strength.

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The pump and gooseneck are required in order to use this product.