BoneHead Corner Finishers

BoneHead Corner Finishers are one of the two most commonly used automatic tools (along with flat finishers). They apply both the bed coat and the finishing coat over both sides of an inside corner at the same time. Drywall Master corner finishers have frames made of solid billet aluminum, extra thick center clips, and military-grade stainless steel to ensure longevity. Available with or without wheels in 2.5”, 3.0”, and 3.5” sizes.


  • The machined one-piece frame angle heads and machined billet aluminum body make these the most durable Corner Finishers in the industry.
  • The gap between the main body and frames is the tightest in the industry allowing it to remain tight for the long haul and prevent leaks.
  • Get the finish you expect with an adjustable tension spring release mechanism allowing you to dial it in just right.
  • Center spring design improves balanced pressure on the tool, reducing twist and wear due to it.
  • Hardened stainless steel ball seat and stainless steel ball on our handles reduces wear and tear.
  • Hardened ball retainer latch resists bending and deformation.

Product Numbers

2" BoneHead without Wheels
2.5" BoneHead with Wheels
3" BoneHead with Wheels
3.5" BoneHead with Wheels
2.5" BoneHead without Wheels
3" BoneHead without Wheels
3.5" BoneHead without Wheels
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